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Feel like your fitness routine has hit a plateau, or you are new to fitness and just don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. Discover how personalised training can revolutionise your workouts and unleash a stronger, more confident you. It’s time to elevate your fitness journey. Are you ready to take the first step?

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Fitness Rut?

Despite your unwavering commitment and the countless hours you've invested, do you find your fitness progress stubbornly at a standstill? It's an all-too-common story: passionate gym-goers pushing their limits, yet their goals seem just out of reach. 
You're not alone in feeling this frustration. It's a silent battle many face in gyms across the country – the relentless pursuit of improvement, only to be met with the same reflection in the mirror, day after day.
You deserve a fitness journey that acknowledges your unique struggles and is tailored to your individual needs. That's why I’m here – to understand exactly where you're coming from and to guide you towards where you want to be.

What clients are saying

Discover the inspiring stories of individuals who have transformed their lives.

Libby Walker

Working with Josh has helped me redefine a healthy relationship with both food and exercise while pursuing my body goals.

Emma B

I have been working with Josh as my personal trainer since September 2023 having been avoiding the gym for many years! He possesses a fantastic knowledge of exercise physiology, and nutrition, and has tailored my workouts to meet my needs.


I am the least likely, natural gym-going person. However, after 10 weeks with Josh as my Personal Trainer, I find myself now motivated to go at least weekly & am doing workouts 'we' put together

Aditya N

I can’t compliment and recommend Josh enough on his efforts to improve my health. For someone who has rarely stepped foot into a gym let alone taken on personal training sessions, Josh tailored the sessions precisely to what was needed to get my mind and body through the programme making sure I was working in a sensible safe manner but driving forward each week.

Your Path to Success

Embark on a fitness journey that’s more than just exercise routines and diet plans. It’s about discovering a bespoke path to well-being, tailored specifically to your needs and goals.

Personalised Training Plans

Tailored to your unique goals and challenges.

Sustainable Progress

Experience continual improvement, not just quick fixes.

Renewed Motivation

Rekindle your love for fitness with fresh routines.

Empowered Confidence

Feel proud of your journey and your achievements.


I've been where you are – passionate about fitness but unsure of the next step. With years of experience and success, I am not just a trainer; I am your guide to a better you. Trust me to understand your struggles and lead you to triumph.


1-on-1 Personal Training

The focused approach to achieving your fitness goals, 1 on 1 training with your choice of how many times a week, also focusing on nutrition and lifestyle hacks to achieve your goals.
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Group personal training

Working out with friends and loved ones to help keep you accountable. 1 on 2 or 1 on 3 training with your choice of how many times a week, along with nutritional support and guidance.
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Online remote training

A more flexible training option that puts you in the driving seat. I provide a flexible number of training sessions you’d like per week to achieve your goal, along with nutrition and sleep guidance and support. Answering any questions and queries, like your own personal trainer in your pocket.
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Your Three-Step Path to Success

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After you sign up, we’ll work together to create a bespoke fitness plan that aligns with your unique goals and challenges.

Celebrate Your Achievements

As you follow your tailored plan, you’ll start seeing and feeling the difference. Each step forward is a step towards a stronger, more confident you.

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Choose the plan that fits your goals. Each package is designed to bring you closer to your fitness aspirations. Don't wait any longer to become the best version of yourself. Act now!